Magnext Data Recovery

Magnext Data Recovery is the only lab in the Columbus OH area! Anyone else claiming to be a data recovery lab is generally using usually a virtual office location or UPS mailbox with a purchased 614 phone number. If you try visiting these locations you’ll see right away that these businesses are non-existent there, and they’ll want you to ship your drive with your priceless data all over the country.

We offer a free evaluation and have a strict “No Data, No Charge” policy. Beware of places charging an evaluation fee, these places typically make most of their money off of evaluation fees, shipping your device back and forth, and only taking on the easy jobs.

Free Evaluation

We offer a free evaluation / quote for any project at our convenient Columbus, Ohio location. You can drop-off, ship, or have us pick your device up for evaluation.
Stop on by or give us a call today!

Only The Best

We’ve partnered with the largest and most reputable Data Recovery Service in Canada, Memofix, to bring their same processes and level of service that their customers come to expect to the US.

On time delivery

Rest assured, we’re dedicated to a quick turnaround for all projects. We offer standard service levels, as well as emergency turnarounds for the more dire needs.