Tape Recovery, Tape Restoration & Migration

Tape Data Recovery or Tape Restoration and migration services are offered by very few data recovery companies. Magnexts one of only a handful of companies  that have the technical skill and experience to service and repair the most popular tape drives (and tape libraries) from yesterday and today. Our expertise with tape drives has naturally led to developing our tape data recovery skills. If you can’t access the data on your old DLT or newer LTO tapes for whatever reason, Magnext is your solution for tape restoration, tape migration, and tape data recovery services in the US.

Why select Magnext for your Tape Data Recovery, Restoration or Migration ?

  • Unrivaled experience & recovery techniques for all type of tape including LTO6 and LTO7
  • Secure, access controlled ESD compliant data recovery lab with data lock-down
  • Resources to process 100’s of tapes per week for migration cases. Tape to Tape & Tape to HDD
  • Largest inventory of tape drives and tape libraries, so no waiting for parts

Tape Recovery .. What went wrong?

Unfortunately, the most common reason people seek tape recovery services are avoidable, as they are the result of human error. Examples of this include physical tape decay due to improper storage conditions, accidentally re-initializing an important tape cartridge, or losing one or more tape cartridges out of a tape data set.

Another issue often arises where tape data will originally have spanned across several tapes and if read errors are encountered during the restore on any of the tapes, the restoration software will not allow any further processing. The data stored on subsequent tapes from the set becomes totally inaccessible. We see many physically damaged tapes with creases, broken or snapped media and excessive read errors.

There is another category of tape recoveries which are more rightfully called tape restorations. This is where there are no apparent faults with the tapes or the backup set but because the tapes are old and obsolete, the client no longer possesses the tape drives or tape backup and restoration software necessary to restore the data.  This is becoming even more common as IT departments are constantly updating their equipment and often overlook the compatibility of old tape data. Magnext Data Recovery has restored tape data from just about every backup software and tape cartridge made over the last 30 years.

Here are some more causes or symptoms of data loss from tape cartridges:

Accidental overwrite Fire, Heat, Smoke Damage Overwritten header Snapped or Broken tape
Backup software lost/unknown Hardware no longer supported Partial restore read hangs Stretched tape
Corrupted Header Medium media read error Physical damage Tape spool damaged
Creased or Crumpled tape Missing tapes Re-initialized tape catridge Tape drive defective
Degraded tape media New session started Re-formatted tape catridge Tape Media decay
Dropped or cracked casing Old Age Decay Sabotage or Malicious Intent Water or Flood Damage