How does the Magnext Data Recovery Process work?




  • Within an hour of receiving your media, our technicians will begin evaluating your storage device. There are no fees for the evaluation or the quote.
  • The evaluation will take anywhere from 20 minutes for a crashed hard drive, to 2 days for a 16 drive RAID array.
  • Upon completing the evaluation, we will email you a detailed quote explaining what issues we have found, how we will attempt to recover your data, how long it will take, and a complete breakdown of our fees.
  • If the emailed quote meets with your approval, simply sign it and return it to us and we will begin your recovery.




Data Recovery Process - Circuit Board Repair

  • The work to recover your data starts as soon as we receive your quote approval.
  • Recovering the data requires overcoming the causes that made the data inaccessible in the first place.
  • Drives with physical disk damage will require head assembly replacement(s) in a clean-room environment. Often this procedure must be repeated multiple times before all the data is recovered. This procedure can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months in extreme cases.
  • Drives or devices with logical or file system damage require rebuilding key file system structures required for locating the data. Resolving logical damage requires specialized software to salvage the data and does not require physically opening the drive. Most of these recoveries are completed in 1-4 days.
  • The results of what we have recovered are emailed to you for your review. There will be a list of all the good files we can recover and a separate list of any damaged files. In some situations, damaged files may still hold value.
  • If we cannot recover the data you need, you will not be charged. We can return your original device to you or have it physically destroyed. We only charge you for a successful recovery.





Happy Customers

  • Once you approve the recovery results, you will need to decide on a method of return your data.
  • Smaller amounts of data can be provided via email / FTP / Drop Box or shipped on a USB flash stick purchased from us or supplied by yourself.
  • Larger amounts are typically returned on 2.5″ External USB3 Hard Drive which we offer for sale at competitive prices. Additionally, you may supply your own internal or External hard drive
  • Upon payment, your recovered data is shipped or held for pickup on your instructions.