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We offer a free evaluation / quote for any project at our convenient Columbus, Ohio location. You can drop-off, ship, or have us pick your device up for evaluation.
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We’ve partnered with the largest and most reputable Data Recovery Service in Canada, Memofix, to bring their same processes and level of service that their customers come to expect to the US.
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Rest assured, we’re dedicated to a quick turnaround for all projects. We offer standard service levels, as well as emergency turnarounds for the more dire needs.

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Get your treasured data back today!

Desktop Computer Hard Drives

Don’t know how to remove your hard drive from your desktop computer? We can walk you through the process or do it for you.

Servers & RAIDs

Most are under the assumption that a RAID cannot have data recovered. We’re proud to let you know that we can assist with RAIDS / Servers / NAS.

Laptop Hard Drives

Bring your laptop in and we can remove the hard drive for you on the spot to perform your free evaluation on the drive.

Tape Cartridges

We’re able to recover data off of many magnetic tape formats. LTO, SDLT, AIT, VXA and many more!

External Hard Drives

Dropped or knocked over your external hard drive? Bring the drive in for review.

All Operating Systems & Formats

We can handle Windows, MAC, and Linux systems and more. Older systems will not scare us off, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Client Testimonials

I thought I lost all our pictures, but Magnext got them back for me! My wife isn't going to kill me now.
Tyquan Harris
Tyquan Harris
19:25 04 Dec 17
Excellent for your tape library and data recovery needs. Friendly staff. Same day shipping. Warranty, payment, and service contracts available
Stanislav Novikov
Stanislav Novikov
13:20 10 Nov 17
After calling a few other places around town(all seemed to be fake), I gave Magnext a call. I was able to talk to a real person on the phone who help guide me down the right path. They saw me the same day and had my files within a couple days. Dropping your external hard drive is not advised(just in case you didn't know). The peace of mind I gained from this was a memorable experience.
John Black
John Black
21:37 09 Oct 17
Magnext Data Recovery is an outstanding company! The C and D drives on my son's PC both went bad at the same time ... then the USB backup drive with Acronis backups also went bad. Tim (tech rep) took me to his office and we discussed each of the 3 drives in detail and the possibilities and cost of repairs. I left the drives with them and he called me promptly within 3 hours after techs had examined the drives in-depth. He indicated that one of the drives could be repaired with a very high percentage of recovery for minimal cost (Level 1 Repair). The second drive had multiple issues and would be considerably more expensive to repair. They would take a look at the USB drive to see what could be done. I gave them the go-ahead on the Level 1 repair at 5 pm on Friday and they promised to have the drive ready at 10 am Monday morning. They arranged a remote preview of the repair from my home before copying their working image to my new drive. The Level 1 repair was perfect. When I picked up the drives they also indicated they were able to repair the USB drive ... no data but a working drive! Outstanding, very professional company. And Tim made the whole process pain free! I highly recommend this company. Larry Cross
Larry Cross
Larry Cross
23:22 19 Sep 17
Our computer would not boot up and we thought all of our wedding and kids' baby pictures would be lost. I contacted Magnext and they were able to recover all the data from our computer. The service and professionalism of the staff was incredible. I cannot thank them enough for being able to save such priceless family momentums.
Greg Muir
Greg Muir
00:11 08 Sep 17
I lost all my work files on my hard drive and needed them back ASAP for my project. I contacted MagNext and they retrieved the files in a quick manner!
Julia Mindlina
Julia Mindlina
12:24 06 Sep 17
The data recovery specialist (Mark) at Magnext worked on my formatted MacBook hard drive to get my erased pictures back. He was able to get all the data that was recoverable back for me. Their service and customer care is exceptional and I would recommend their services. I wasn't charged anything for evaluation.
Parastou Fakhimi
Parastou Fakhimi
18:34 18 Aug 17
I knocked over my USB drive and it wouldn't work anymore. Took it in to Magnext and they got my files back at a very reasonable price.
Guille T
Guille T
20:44 01 Aug 17

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