Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive data recovery wont be possible on this aptop hard drive with broken glass plattersHard Drive Data Recovery is our mission and we have the tools and experience to get the job.  If we can’t recover your data, it’s likely that nobody can.

Why Choose us for your Hard Drive Data Recovery?

  • We’ve partnered with Memofix Data Recovery Service, one of the largest and most respected recovery services in the industry, to bring the same level of service and expertise to the United States.
  • We have a vast access to hard drive spare parts to use as donors, and therefore can try harder than most everyone else that may deem your data unrecoverable.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of clients’ data is paramount.  Magnext is committed to protect its clients’ data, both personal and business related. Our data recovery employees are trained to safeguard the privacy of each and all of our data recovery clients. We enforce a very strict confidentiality policy, which ensures absolute discretion to our data recovery clients.
  • If we don’t restore your data, you pay nothing.  We won’t charge you for anything unless you agree upon it first, even if it costs us time and money in the process to evaluate your case.

Hard Drive Recovery – What’s Wrong?

To understand why you may require hard drive recovery services on your disk drive it helps to understand the two main categories causing data loss.


The hard disk drive (HDD) is operationally functional. Data Recovery is required because the file system structures (think of an index) that are used by the operating system to locate your data have become corrupted, overwritten, deleted, or possibly even orphaned from the file system.screen showing File system damage
Examples of operations that may cause these issues include; Re-Formatting, File or Folder Deletions, Re-Installation of Windows or Operating System, Virus Damage, chkdsk or other utilities being run, Deleted Volume, Master Boot record bad, Read errors, and Encryption gone bad.

If you have deleted files or folders, stop using your computer immediately to ensure the best chance of recovering your hard drive data. Even booting up will write data to the hard drive that may jeopardize your deleted data. If its important do nothing else but seek  a professional hard drive data recovery service like Magnext Data recovery Services.


PHYSICAL DAMAGE (Electrical or Mechanical)

hard drive recovery with disk damageThe hard drive or disk drive is NOT functioning properly. There are varying degrees of damage, but the most critical factor determining the success of a hard drive recovery on a disk drive is the condition of the actual disks or platters.

Damage to the hard drive’s PCB or printed circuit board is often the result of electrical surges through the power system and often a result of lightning storms. Beside the PCB there is also an amplifier chip or IC (integrated circuit) located on the drive’s head assembly in the sealed bubble that can be damaged as a daisy chained event after the main PCB is blown.

Physical damage to the heads and disks is often due to an external drive being dropped or knocked over. But even internal drives can become physically damaged if the the drive’s sealed interior is violated or just due to old age. Some drives that land the heads on the disks (versus off the disk ramps) at power down are more susceptible to crashes as the lubricant on the disk’s landing areas becomes degraded. Most Seagate drives land their heads on the disks, while Toshiba, Hitachi and Western Digital hard drives utilize ramps to take the heads off the disk on power down. Hard drive recovery

Hard drive recovery may be necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

Bad Heads or Head Assembly Electrical Storm Damage Media Damage Read Errors
Bad Sectors or Read Errors ESD damage Power Spike Noisy Drive Spindle Motor
Clicking Noise, bad head(s) Excessive heat PCB defective
Computer Dropped Excessive Read Errors Physical damage
Corrupted Firmware Fire, Flood, Water Damage Printed Circuit Board bad
Damaged Motor Failure Hard Drive Head Crash Seized Spindle Motor
Defective or bad Heads Heads Stuck or Stiction Servo track damaged
Drive doesn’t spin Knocked Over External Drive Static Electricity damage
Drive Dropped Laptop Dropped System Area damage